About Agent-A

Agent-A aims to provide a ticketing platform to meet the needs of both event promoters, organisers and event attendees.

The problem of fake tickets and overpriced tickets have plagued the industry for many years. We provide a solution by using a secure delivery platform.

For event promoters & organisers, we provide Agent Flex as a service to create events and generate tickets for any event from small to large scale. Event promoters my create their own page to list all event tickets currently on sale. This will have a unique URL which can be used to direct customers to your page for promotion purposes.
Agent-A has teamed up with Wave Ticket to provide an end to end service. Wave Ticket will deliver all e-tickets. Wave Ticket provides a barcode scanning app (ScanFlex) available on ios and android. With the tools provided, the promoter can take care of all ticketing needs.

For event attendees, they are able to purchase tickets and get immediate access to tickets. All tickets are delivered by Wave Ticket. The ticket will be received on a phone app available on ios and android. Search for Wave Ticket to download.

Click on the link below to Install from your mobile device
or scan the appropriate barcode for your device

Download ScanFlex.
Download Wave Ticket.